Vehicle crime prevention reminder

Whilst conducting crime report duties for E-Watch the volunteers have noticed an increase in vehicle break-ins where items have been left on display within the vehicle and have subsequently been stolen. Please remember to remove all items from your vehicle when you leave it unattended – this includes what some may consider ‘low value’ items such as coats, CDs, sunglasses, personal documents and other clothing.  Thieves will still take the chance that those items are hiding, or contain, higher value items such as wallets, bank cards etc.

Even if you intend to be away from your vehicle momentarily, please always lock it and never leave your car unattended with the engine running.

Criminal gangs look for vehicle models with wingmirrors that fold automatically when locked – if the wing mirrors are still out it is clear to them that the vehicle has been left unlocked and they will take this opportunity to search your vehicle.

Fuelling up or popping back into your house to get something are perfect examples of how easy it is to turn your back, forget to lock your car and leave items on display – we see examples where thieves have simply opened the door, taken the wallet/keys/phone from the front seat and left no trace until the victim can’t find that item. It’s always better to be safe than take the chance.

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