Dear Friends in Sutton and Studdal.

The past two years have been very difficult for all of us. Our activities were restricted,
especially those we took for granted. Church on Sunday, baptisms, weddings, funerals and
special services at Easter and Christmas were all put on hold. But despite that, your local
church stood and still stands as it has done for many generations and centuries. For the
greater part of the lockdowns we were able to stay open for everyone to enjoy a time of
quiet prayer and reflection, and the well-maintained green spaces and diverse wildlife of the
churchyards provided a precious community resource. From the many comments in our
visitors’ books, the village church was greatly valued throughout that time. We now need
your help to ensure that we preserve that inheritance for future generations.

We are asking local people to come and meet us and tells us: What do you want for your
local church? What are other needs you see in your community that the church can
support? How can we continue to raise the funds to keep our church buildings open for all?

So please come along to share your views over a cup of tea or coffee in the village hall on:
Monday April 4th at 7pm

If you are unable to make that date, you are welcome to come to:

St Nicholas Church, Ringwould, Friday March 23rd 7pm
Ripple Village Hall, Wednesday March 23rd 7pm
Kingsdown: Village Hall Sunday March 27th 7pm

Please do come along and talk to us. I look forward to seeing you!      Revd Carolyn