Minutes 7th June 2022

2021-2022Agendas & Minutes Uploaded on June 13, 2022



Meeting held in Sutton Community Centre on Tuesday 7th June 2022 at 7.30 pm.

  1. Present and Apologies B Merriman (Chair)

G Akhurst

G Smith

H Densham

D Willet

A Calthorpe

L Steger

S Smith (Clerk)

KCC Member Steve Manion

DDC Member Nick Kenton (arrived 8.35pm)

7 Members of the public

  1. Declarations of interest


  1. Approval of the AGM minutes 3rd May 2022

The minutes were proposed as a true record of the meeting by Cllr Calthorpe seconded by Cllr Akhurst and all members voted in favour.

  1. Matters arising from the AGM minutes 3rd May 2022


  1. Approval of the minutes 3rd May 2022

The minutes were proposed as a true record of the meeting by Cllr Akhurst seconded by Cllr Densham and all members voted in favour.

  1. Matters arising from the minutes 3rd May 2022

Southern Water. Cllr Merriman offered to take a look at the drive.

Dangerous tree, Ashley. Work completed.

Burning of horse manure at the property in Downs Road has stopped.

Caravans in Stoneheap Rd. No update. Clerk to chase up.

APM. The meeting went well. Thank you to Cllr Calthorpe for the lovely refreshments.

Grass cutting. Concerns had been expressed last month. The contractor has enlisted a friend to step in to help keep the grass cutting under control. Comments were made about the unacceptable standard of the grass cutting. There have been various comments made to the councillors from local residents about this. The Councillors discussed the recreation area and the perceived environmental benefits of leaving some of the grass long. Views to be sought from local residents on this. It was agreed a standard needs to be defined for the grass cutting contract next year. Cllr Merriman offered to look at the new contract in January. It was felt that the Downs Road verge is not being kept as tidy as it used to be as it has not been strimmed along the edges. The contractor to be contacted to ask for the playing field to be cut and Downs Road be brought up to standard. Also, a copy of the pubic liability insurance to be supplied showing cover for the contractor’s assistant. Clerk to action.

KCC Verge cutting. Since the last meeting the verge cutting has gone ahead but not to a satisfactory standard.

  1. To note the APM draft minutes 31st May 2022 for any actions required

Verge cutting. The standard of the verge cutting has been reported to Highways.

Bus funding consultation query. No update.

  1. Visitors

A local resident requested to speak under the planning agenda item.

  1. Finance  i) To approve the payment schedule for June was proposed by Cllr Merriman seconded by Cllr Willet and all members voted in favour.

Chq No.

001498  Clerk                                                  May wages                                             £367.50

001499  Clerk                                                  May ex – Onedrive        £13.68

Hall heating    £ 4.00              £ 17.68

001500  McCabe Ford Williams                     Payroll                                                    £246.00

001501   Sutton Parish Community Centre    Hall hire – May, June and litter pick                £ 35.00

001502   Information Commissioner             Data Protection fee                                £ 40.00

  1. KCC Allotment rental

It was agreed to set up a direct debit to pay the annual rental. Clerk to action.

  1. Signing and Approval of the Annual Returni) Certificate of Exemption. The Parish Council to certify itself as exempt from a limited assurance

review under section 9 of the Local audit (Smaller Authorities) Regulations 2015. This was proposed by Cllr Smith, seconded by Cllr Willet and all members voted in favour. The Certificate of exemption was signed by the Chair. Clerk to send away the Certificate to the external auditors.

ii) Annual Governance and Accountability Return (Part 2) made up of:

  1. Annual Internal Audit report. Completed by the internal auditor. The auditor’s recommendation to publish the full list of expenditure, not just those payment over £100 was agreed by the Council. To accept the report was proposed by Cllr Merriman seconded by Cllr Steger and all members voted in favour.
  2. Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement. To approve the statement was proposed by Cllr Akhurst seconded by Cllr Calthorpe and all members voted in favour. Signed by the Chair.
  3. Section 2 – Accounting Statements. To approve the statements was proposed by Cllr Willet, seconded by Cllr Steger and all members voted in favour. Signed by the Chair

The Approval of the accounts was also signed by the Chair.

The internal auditor and the Clerk were thanked for their work on the accounts.

  1. Donations to local organisations

No donation to the burial ground was made in 2021. No action to be taken.

  1. Local Communityi) Verge bollards opposite Canton. A new document has been sent for completion. A date for the work to go ahead was discussed. Cllr Densham and Cllr Smith (who had offered to paint the bollards) to liaise regarding the timing. Clerk to action.                           ii) Grass cutting. Covered earlier in the meeting.
  2. Local Planning

For consideration by Councillors:

i) DOV/22/00528 The Outrigger, Chapel Lane, Ashley, CT15 5HZ

Conversion of garage/storage to an annex Location.

The Council decided not to comment on the application

ii) DOV/22/00530 Wentways Farm, Strakers Hill, East Studdal, CT15 5BS
Erection of an agricultural barn.

A representation from a local resident was made regarding the situation of the barn.

The Councillors discussed the application. Whilst the Parish Council has no objection to a barn, they do not wish to see it sited in the proposed location and feel it should be positioned much nearer to the other farm buildings. This response was proposed by Cllr Willet seconded by Cllr Smith and all members voted in favour. Clerk to submit the response to DDC Planning.

iii) DOV/22 00591 Land Off Stoneheap Road, East Studdal, CT15 5BU,

Erection of a detached dwelling, with associated parking.

The Council decided not to comment on the application

iv) DOV/22/00560 The Stables, Roman Road, Maydensole, CT15 5HR

Certificate of Lawfulness (existing) for the continued use of storage building as dwellinghouse.

The Council decided not to comment on the application.


i) CON/21/00879/D Forge Farm House Forge Lane Sutton CT15 5DG 7 – Landscaping DDC Condition not approved

ii) DOV/22/00460 West Studdal Farm Willow Woods Road West Studdal Dover CT15 5BJ Reg 5 app – to Install 5G electronic communications apparatus to an existing telecommunications installation DDC Prior approval not required

iii) DOV/21/01940 Land Between The Homestead And Meadow Cottages Homestead Lane East Studdal CT15 5BP Erection of 2no. pairs of semi-attached dwellings, bin stores, bike store, associated parking, vehicle turning and formation of vehicular access DDC Granted permission

iv) DOV/22/00408 Koringi Downs Road East Studdal CT15 5DB Erection of a single storey front extension and side porch DDC Granted permission

v) DOV/22/00405 Rhylyn Downs Road East Studdal CT15 5DB Outline application for the erection of 1no. dwelling and detached garage (with appearance, landscaping and layout to be reserved) DDC

Outline Permission granted

vi) DOV/21/01935 Chapel Farm Chapel Lane Ashley CT15 5HX Erection of first floor front roof extension, two storey and first floor rear extensions with roof terrace and balcony, new front porch, and double garage, extension of existing driveway and creation of parking (existing side, rear and front porch extensions to be demolished) (amended plans) DDC Granted permission

vii) DOV/22/00138 Sutton Water Supply Works Forge Lane Sutton Part change of use of land, erection of a motor control centre kiosk, nitrate monitoring kiosk, surge vessel tank, 2.4m high security fencing, temporary welfare facilities and compound and associated equipment DDC Granted permission.

The building works in the parish close to the Martin Gorse water site were clarified as earthworks from the waterworks company connecting that site with the Sutton Water Works site.

  1. Report from DDC/KCC

KCC Member Steve Manion reported on the following:

The ruin next to the old leisure centre is being restored.

DDC have been entered for a reward for their social housing project.

Operation Brock has been lifted.

Ukrainian refuges update given.

DDC Member Nick Kenton congratulated the parish on the recent jubilee event and reported on the following:

Social housing standards had taken a while to become compliant

The Towns and Parishes meeting which he had just attended had touched on the Local Plan.

The midterm financial plan is being looked into as bills are escalating. DDC faces challenges with funding.

The waste contract still has a few issues although a good working relationship has been established with the contractor.

  1. Playing field i) Youth shelter. Cllr Willet was thanked for his ongoing work on the shelter.
  2. Allotments i) Discuss grant funding application. Cllr Steger has been gathering information for the grant application. Allotment holders have been asked to supply quotes for any equipment they would like to see supplied through the funding.

A query arose as to who is responsible for the upkeep of the allotment site. It was agreed that although the site is rented from KCC the upkeep of boundaries is down to the Parish Council.

Acquisition of various equipment through the grant funding was discussed including insurance and health and safety issues that may arise. Cllr Steger offered to look into the funding being used to offer insurance cover. To be further discussed.

Cllr Steger was thanked for her hard work and time spent on the project.

New plots. It was noted that 2 new plots may become available if water can be supplied further up the field. Cllr Steger offered to visit the site to measure up. To go on the July agenda.

  1. Orchard

The rear of the orchard is not being mowed as was the agreement for this cutting season. This new area was to replace the grass area of the new plots which no longer need cutting. Cllr Steger offered to talk to the contractor about this.

  1. Queen’s jubilee celebrations

The day had been an incredible success and the weather had held out for the event. 140 to 150 people has sat down for afternoon tea. A member of the events committee expressed thanks to DDC KCC and the Parish Council for their funding and to all the helpers for their hard work.

The Parish Council thanked the organisers of the event, these included people from the community centre, the parish council, the Church, the general community and to Angie Calthorpe for the delicious catering.

  1. Correspondence.i) emails from local residents regarding the static caravans that have been gradually introduced into the camping field at Sutton Vale Park. The emails were read out to the meeting. As the Council believes that the site is not licenced for this kind of usage it was decided to pass on the concerns raised about the Licence issue and the direct and indirect impact of this situation to DDC enforcement. Clerk to action.
  2. Any other business to report/matters to discuss

It was reported that the Little Mongeham village sign is in the wrong place and should be positioned by Stoneheap Farm. Highways to be asked to look into this. Clerk to action.

It was agreed that Kate Little should be thanked for her time on the Council and for all her hard work at the allotment site to bring it up to date. Clerk to action.

22. Date and status of next meetings.

Monthly Tuesday 5th July 2022 7.30pm – Church Hall. Clerk to book

Monthly Tuesday 6th September 2022 7.30pm – Church Hall. Clerk to book


Meeting closed:  9.20pm


Signed: Cllr Barbara Merriman

Date: 5th July 2022

A paper copy is on file with the Clerk.